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Heightsafety Projects (Pty) Ltd specializes in turnkey solutions for rope access installation and rigging projects. Our range of experience includes both onshore and offshore work. This includes but is not limited to working in remote jungle areas without logistical support to high altitude mountainous areas with sub-zero temperatures, as well as offshore platforms with poisonous gas leaks.


We have cleaned up sky scrapers, cleared silo blockages, installed kilometers of permanent horizontal life lines systems, constructed lattice structures, closed up entire buildings with banner signs and cladding entire soccer stadiums with cement fiber panels. Over the past ten years, we have completed hundreds of rope access projects, both locally and over border, and boast the many satisfied customers who support our organisation. View our project types


Our work experience has been proven in the following applications:

Our main focus and core business is on the design and installation of the HeightsafetyLine safety systems.


The installation and maintenance of permanent engineered solutions that provide reliable and quality safe working-at-heights working conditions and to support any and all services relating to the safe working at heights industry.



To provide a network of highly qualified, competent Rope Access Technicians and staff who in turn provide market leading, turnkey solutions for all technical Rope Access projects.

Project TYPES


Re-habilitation and finishing

Our scope of work experience in this filed includes the following: Cutting and removing or protruding rebar sections, Drilling with hammer and core drills, Drilling and chemical bolting for new joint sections or cast sections, Chipping both manually and with heavy duty industrial type electrical chippers, Removal, replacement and treatment of damaged re-bar steel sections, Surface preparation for plastering and stitch joints, Plastering and Surface smoothing both manually and with electrical hand tools.


We are very familiar with strenuous safety orientated construction sites that need to conform both to the Mining Act and the Construction Regulations.




Maintenance and Installation

From our broad experience we are able to project manage and deliver on long term high quality work that is under strenuous deadlines.


With our highly trained work hardened permanent staff we have personal work experience in delivering the following services: Mechanical fitting, Drilling and tapping in steel structures, Manual lifting and rigging of steel fabricated components, Installation of polycarbonate skylights, Cladding, installation of fibre cement panels, Installation of Teflon membrane fabric roof, sealing and external facade sections, Sealing and waterproofing, Window replacement and installation, Painting, Lifting Tackle installation, inspection and removal



Life Line

Maintenance and Installation

The installation and maintenance of the Heightsafety Gear’s Heightsafetyline™ anchoring system range. The full anchoring range includes: Safe Point™, Safe Climb™, Safe Walk™ and Safe Roof™

From our vast working at height experience, that includes both Fall Arrest and Rope Access applications, we are able to make the best recommendations to our clients about which of the area specific anchoring solution applications to use. Our aim is to provide the most cost effective anchoring solution best suited to the working application of your worksite.




Rigging and Maintenance

We have constructed lattice masts without the assistance of mobile cranes, installed microwave backbones through the remote jungle areas of the republic of Congo, completed technical RF rooftop installations and installed microwave antennae on various offshore oil production platforms and optic fibre installations.


Our work experience includes the following: Assembly and installation of large microwave back bone antennae, Removal of large microwave antennae from existing tower structures, Dismantling condemned lattice mast structures, Installation of antenna brackets underneath monopole type tower platforms, Offshore microwave installations, Offshore Installation of VSAT antennae and structures, Installation of new lattice mast structures and many more.



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Heightsafety Group consists of three separate privately-owned companies. Each specialising in a specific application field of working-at-height with their own stated objectives.

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