Heightsafetyline SAFEROOF

Safe roof™ is a permanent horizontal life line fall arrest system, designed specifically for corrugated sheet metal type roofs.
The Safe Roof™ guarantees permanent fall arrest attachment at all times, via a non-removable shuttle that will slide past the intermediate anchor points and around corners without having to disconnect at any time. The system can be used for both restraint and fall arrest applications.Safe Roof™ will not only assist in arresting the fall but the unique shock absorbing system also ensures that the energy generated during the fall is kept below allowable limits and will not cause any additional structural damage. The shock absorber is the only component that needs replacement in the event of a fall. This system comprises of an adjustable Safe base anchoring system that can be connected directly to the roof sheeting and or to the roof truss system under the sheeting.

The permanent life line system is then mounted onto this base system to form a fall arrest anchoring line that can cover all the required access areas on the roof. The adjustable base allows for connection onto a variety of corrugated roof designs. All intermediate base brackets are collapsible and will also indicate overloading of the system. With all Heightsafety Line range products the Safe Roof™ also incorporates simplicity and low maintenance in the design as well as an easy to use system where all parts, components and accessories are permanently present ready to be used.

The entire Safe Roof system is manufactured from a 316 grade stainless steel and the parts and components is not only robust but will withstand the harshest working conditions.The anchoring base can be adapted for any type of sheet metal roof like IBR sheeting or clip lock type sheeting.

Penetrating Roof system:
Can be used on IBR sheeting type roof where a combination of chemical adhesive and rivets are used to connect the base to the roof. A further safety connection can be done from the base directly onto the roof truss system.

Non-penetrating roof system:
Can be used on clip lock type roof systems where the base is only connected via mechanical clamp system and chemical adhesive. This will ensure that the roof guarantee will not be compromised. guarantee will not be compromised.


The safe walk can be adapted as an overhead system where the anchor point is higher than the user. The only additional part that is required is the stopper bracket that will hold the universal cable guide in a horizontal level at all times.

Assembled SECTIONS of the System


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