Fall Arrest Rescue Co-Ordinator Learning Programme


Unit Standard ID: 229999

Perform a range of advanced rescue.

R 3 740.00 Inc. VAT

Who needs this course
  • Any person who has to perform technical post fall arrest rescues.


3 days of training and assessment

Minimum number of candidates

If you have ten (10) learners we can assist with your own training date.  If you have fewer than 10 learners, please book on our annual training calendar.

Benefits of this training

After successful assessment has been completed candidates will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of fall arrest rescues and perform rope manoeuvres.

  • Select equipment for advanced fall arrest rescues.

  • Explain the requirements for equipment inspections.

  • Conduct fall arrest rescues.

Entry requirements
  • Medical certificate

  • Certified Copy of ID

  • Fall Arrest Technician Level 2 - US ID 229995 & 229998

  • Rope Access Technician Level 1 - US ID 230000

NQF Level: 4

Credits: 4

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